About the Artist

   My name is Kieu Le! I'm an independent artist obsessed with food, animals, and all things cute.... especially plushies!

   Kieutie Pie was started as a way to recoup some of the costs of my crafting addiction and help pay for college. I had started off as a Fashion Design major then switched and got my degree in Game Art and Design. Graduating in the recession, I was very fortunate to find a job at Blizzard Entertainment where I worked my way up from a QA tester to an Associate Product Developer, working on merchandise! I couldn't believe I found a job where the sewing and gaming actually worked together.

   I was fortunate to have already been doing online sales and events for my personal art when the company layoffs hit in 2019. After that, Kieutie Pie became my full time job where I have been very fortunate to bring my original characters to life thanks to my amazing customers and supporters!


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